Our story

Vihula Manor features some of the most remarkable and beautiful dining rooms in all of Estonia! The elegant Vihula Manor Restaurant is located on the 1st floor of the Main Manor House and overlooking the estate to all sides.

With its painstakingly restored original parquet floors and ceiling ornaments, paintings and modern Scandinavian furniture, the restaurant is a seamless blend between old traditions and modern minimalism and seats well over 100 guests.

Dining rooms

The Vihula Manor Restaurant offers four dining rooms: the Ball Room seating 50 guests, the Lounge Room seating 30 guests, the Library Room seating 20 guests and the Chimney Room for small intimate dinners. Besides, the restaurant features a Manor Terrace for enjoying the view of the Manor Park and a Sun Terrace for sunset cocktails.

In summer, the restaurant has a stylish outdoor setting on the Lawn Terrace in the Manor Park just in front of the Main Manor House.


Vihula Manor, with a history that spans 800 years, has hosted a lot of people who have both danced and enjoyed various dishes in the elegant ballroom. The manor’s history and the travels of its Chef de Cuisine are the source of inspiration for the restaurant’s dishes where the garden of Vihula Manor, the forests of Lahemaa, the northern Norwegian Sea and the mountains of Scotland all meet. The restaurant places emphasis on local and nearby produce but in the composition of the menu, the attention is turned towards north-western Europe and Scandinavia.


We do not try to copy the classics at any cost or try to keep up with the times or stay ahead of the others. For us, it is important to offer our guests flavourful experiences that are inspired by the best seasonal produce and the thoughts that the product creates in the chefs. We hope that the food you enjoy here will make you love Lahemaa, the Nordic nature, and the manor traditions the way we do at Vihula, and that it will create a wish in you to keep coming back to these forests to go through this experience again.